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Jun. 1st, 2010

wonder woman

I'm Back

Have had a mental 12 months which has meant that any life commentary had to be put on hold, I am however now going to endevour to get back to it.  Also have to lose a load of weight again, so if I write about what I eat I should get back on track.

Apr. 21st, 2009

wonder woman

One Miserable Failure!

As you can probably tell I failed miserably at Maki's Bento Challenge, I therefore am starting again! My weight loss has become a weight gain in recent weeks to I have got to start being really really good. My sisters wedding is only 7 weeks away, so I had better get back on track. Went and got weighed this morning minus1/2lb so I feel much better about it all, I've got to aim to loss a stone before the wedding really, especially as I have put 6lbs on in the past 2 months.
So here goes nothing!!

Jan. 11th, 2009

wonder woman

Bento Challenge Week One

As we are now well into the new year I am going to have to really give myself a mental kick in the behind, I've been like a dizzy blonde all week so I am going to begin week two in a more organised fashion.
So I guess this is where the Just Bento - Bento Challenge comes in. Obviously I am bento-ing for weight loss so here goes my objectives for the week:

Calorific Needs: 
WW Daily Points Allowance 30pts -  5pts Breakfast; 10pts Lunch; 10pts Dinner; 5pts Snack

Bento Measurements: 
The number of calories that your box holds is roughly equal to the volume (ml) of the box. Even though I am not   literally counting calories I thought it would be a good idea to find out how much my boxes do hold, so I can make better decisions when packing my boxes. Ie; if I've got salad a bigger box but if I'm going for something higher in points a smaller box so I won't put as much in. 
Muji 1-tier Box - approx. 700ml
Muji 2-tier Box - approx. 200ml and 270ml
Pink Strawberry Candy 2-tier Box - approx. 170ml and 250ml
Blue Whispers In The Garden 1-tier Box - approx. 440ml
Blue Lube Sheep Dragon Fly Onigiri Box - bottom tier holds approx. 200ml and I can get 3 onigiri in the top.
My favourite box is the Blue "Whispers In The Garden" one, and unless it's a salad day I'll be mainly using this one for lunch, it packs nicely even though I have lost it's divider (though I can't remember if it actually had one in the first place so it may not even be missing!!).

In the processes of doing this at the moment, I have got to have a look though the fridge and see what I've got going on for food. Then I'll post a brief outline of my food week.

Mis En Place:
I think one of the hardest parts of the challenge this week, I have a very bad habit of sleeping until the last possible minute in the morning and also in my tiny tiny kitchen leaving the washing up for days. So I guess my main objective of the week is to ensure the washing up is done before I go to bed so I can set out my morning bento equipment, and then actually get out of bed!!

Well I think that's about all for today, going to plan my food week, have dinner, do the ironing and put my camera battery on to charge!!

Jan. 2nd, 2009

wonder woman

A New Year, A New Me!!

It's what I always say, but I think that 2009 has to be the year that I actually go through with it.  After all the economic climate is going to cause me to watch my money, my sister's wedding will be the reason for continuing my weight loss and the fact that I am totally bored and frustrated with my job will be the catalyst for me to give my career a kick up the backside!!

Haven't managed to start the year quite in the fashion that I wanted to start it in, something to do with the fact that I didn't get home until 2.30pm on New Year's Day, was absolutely shattered and after falling asleep at my mate house didn't wake up until lunchtime. Nothing to do with the alcohol consumation, I'd just been working hard so was therefore quite tired.  Had planned continue tidying New Year's Day but really didn't feel motivated, and had also planned to do loads of things this morning but SM (the complicated man in my life) rang to say he can't spend the day with me tomorrow so I decided to stay in bed as mini protest! Mini protests are there now banned as they as unproductive!!

I am currently planning my bento lunches for next week along with things I can vaguely do with the contents of my veg box though until it arrives it is difficult to plan this down to the last potato as it does vary slightly from week to week. So far carrot dip, turkey and ham are featuring heavily, carrot dip because there is always carrots in the veg box and I'm bored of carrot soup and the turkey and ham because I got them marked down at work and now have to find ways to eat them up - most of it's been frozen but I'll need to eat quite a bit next week in various forms!!

Bed is calling, lots of things to achieve tomorrow!!

Jul. 8th, 2008

wonder woman

More Missing Bentos!!

Got only one bento to post, coz I've managed not to take photos of the ones I made at the end of last week.  I did take a photo of Monday's it wasn't particularly Japanese in style well infact not at all, it was more sort of meze. Houmous and pitta with some crudites and a spicy pork steak.

Didn't make one today as I felt pretty rotten this morning, so none today either. Will try and be a little better this week as I had a very good WW result which I am quite sure is down to making my bento lunches. Lost 2.5lb which is the lightest I've been in a few months (apart from the random 6lb loss the other week which I don't think was a loss rather a different set of scales on a different floor!!!)


Jul. 6th, 2008

wonder woman

Sunny Sunday!! Oh how I wish!

Summer has disappeared again, it rained pretty much all day although the sun did come out long enough for Wimbledon to have it's conclusion. Oh and the Grand Prix at Silverstone!!
The food front has been a little poor this weekend, went out Friday night and drunk too much and definately ate too much bad stuff!! And then in order to get over the hangover from hell I required fish and chips, which weren't all that good but I think they worked.  Today was better, bacon and mushroom pitta for breakfast/lunch and pork steak (from my Abel&Cole delivery), cous cous and salad. So a pretty healthy day, just got to prep my lunch for tomorrow and then go to bed. Oh and pay my council tax, life is so dull sometimes!!

Jul. 2nd, 2008

wonder woman

Midnight Gardening.

Well not quite midnight but the street lights came on, had to go out and water and then I decided to do some weeding. I have neglected the garden some what lately, first I went on holiday and there was just the right combination of sun and rain to make the plants go mental but also the weeds, and then I have been so busy I just haven't had time to go out and remove the weeds. Plus to top it all off it's been really hot and now the ground is like concrete so pulling the weeds out is a 'mare!!
No bento today as I didn't get time to finish making it before I left for work, overslept again!! So I came home early, atesome chicken satay and a spring roll on the way and then had the onigiri I had prepped last night. Plus some WW dessert whip I had made last night, veggies were definately lacking. There will also be no bento tomorrow as I am not at work and I'm out in the evening - though slightly faltering service will resume on Friday.

wonder woman

Hot Hot Hot!!

It's 00:25 and it's still 27 degrees although I have shut the window so I don't get attacked, well I was planning to go to bed but I have decided to post this instead.  Not alot happened today other than work, WW and cooked dinner for my really late friend. Don't go to the park with your boyfriend and then go it's a really long story when you finally turn up - just ring and say you are going to be late, I don't mind I could have actually done stuff rather than hanging around waiting.
WW was good lost 1lb, see this week I made bento and I lost and the week before I was pretty poor with taking lunch and what happened I gained!! I must stick to it this week - going out one and 1/2 nights this week but intend to be good and eat health stuff, although I will save up some points for alcohol.


Jun. 30th, 2008

wonder woman

Missing Presumed Eaten!!

Just got in from work I'm now quite tired but got to be back in 6hrs, no rest for the wicked I think it's called!! Have now got a bruised thumb, where a bit of fixture feel on me, and a scratch up my arm, not sure how I go that though - clumsy is about the only word to describe me!! Got quite a lot done so I am quite pleased, though there is still more to do tomorrow!!
I did make bento for my dinner though in my hurry to get out the door I didn't take a photograph and then I forgot when I got to work - so bento #15 will now be photoless!! Here however are last Friday's efforts.


Jun. 27th, 2008

wonder woman

And It Was Bad, But There Has Been Some Good!

Well my weigh in wasn't exactly superb but then again I did have take-away last week, plus I ate out twice and had quite a bit to drink!! This week hasn't exactly been much better in the food stakes, but I've looked at how much money I have and it's not alot so for the sake of my waistline and my wallet I shall be making and taking bento for the foreseeable future.
I have already explained this to my other half so he will be made to dine in at the weekend no going out for lunch, he's not much more flushed than I am so I can't expect him to take me out!! Though he is taking me to the cinema to see Wanted so I may allow him to buy me a small popcorn and a (diet) drink!!
How ever the good this week was the genius that are Radiohead!! Victoria Park rocked, think it may have even topped the Foo Fighters at Wembley!! Plus the chips and gravy were pretty good too!!

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